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the reflection of the moonlight on the ocean's surface (n.) origin turkish


Learn all about the YAKAMOZZ journey and meet our beautiful team.



Our story

We, Ricarda and Aylin, bought two plane tickets to the unknown in January 2014.
 We had no idea that it would take us to a place we didn't even have to leave home for. 

To ourselves.

Ricci in the middle of her medical studies and Aylin in her first permanent job as a designer. 
On the outside, we both had everything you could wish for and more.
 Why then, on New Year's Eve 2013, we sat like two lost souls with broken hearts at our own party feeling only one thing:
 "We have to get out of here."

The famous "Quarter Life Crisis".

"Who am I?"

"What do I want?"

"Why am I doing all this?"

Answers were found in a fortune biscuit.

"For you, travel is forecast, along with sunshine and happiness."

Thank you. That's exactly what we wanted to hear.
 One-way ticket booked to Australia. Sat on plane 3 weeks later.  

8 weeks Australia, 3 weeks Bali. 
That was our plan.

3 weeks turned into 4 months. 

4 months became 2 years. 

Friends became sisters.

YAKAMOZZ was born out of the search.

The MOON SISTERS necklace, our first piece of jewellery, together with the other lovingly designed, handmade, 925 Sterling Silver treasures, are the lucky charm of all Moon Sisters, who also, like us feel deep inside that something completely unforeseen and far greater awaits us out there. 
Something bigger than we could ever have dreamed of. 

For Dreamers and Believers.
 Wanderers. Movers. Shakers. 
Lovers. Soulmates. Sisters.
 Those who laugh a little louder
 and shine a little brighter.

 For You.

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