YAKAMOZZ // 6 months high - by Oliver Kötter

04/09/15 Apr, 2015

YAKAMOZZ // 6 months high - by Oliver Kötter from YAKAMOZZ on Vimeo.

 It's been some wild 6 months since we started our adventure with YAKAMOZZ.

A journey so exciting and loaded with adrenalin, joy, gratitude and above all overwhelming highs of happiness.
Our good friend Oliver Kötter turned the feeling of these memories into a short video and we couldn't be more touched, thankful and proud of his incredible work. There really are no words that could describe the magic of this sentiment. Thank you Oli for honouring us with your talent and efforts and thank you to everyone out there that has supported us since day one. We feel like this is the beginning of a very big chapter.
So, lean back and enjoy the following frames starring beautiful Tessa and YAKAMOZZ.

Filmed & edited by Oliver Kötter

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Model: Tessa

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